Like I was saying....

The Big Three Oh

Yesterday was a big milestone in my life. I hit the 30 year mark. Sheesh. To be very, very honest it doesn’t seem that big of a deal. Don’t feel any different than 24. But The Wife kept thinking it was a big deal. She told me she’d be in charge of our youth group meeting last night “since it was my birthday” and all. I kinda wondered if she was up to something. Little things were happening the past few days that I didn’t really press for info on. I usually press for any and all details.

But I thought she’d have a cake or something at Youth that night and then it’d be a normal night. But I get there about 15 til 6 like normal..and there are tons of cars all around. Turns out the gym was full of folks! Very cool. Big cake. Lots of pictures. Lots of gag gifts. Lots of friends. Lots of support.

Just another reason The Wife is the coolest!


  1. giddy

    Thirty is only the beginning!

  2. jeremy

    dude, you need to start workin on your 2nd kid… you don't wanna be over 50 when the 2nd one leaves…

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