Like I was saying....

The Office

A quick tour…


  1. g

    Thanks. I’d been wondering where you were. Good to see YOU, too.

  2. jeremy

    dude, if they take you to starbucks during these “coffee” meetings, get the Mocha Frap – Cream Based (i.e. – no coffee) … its dreamy.

    and, seriously, what really “goes on in there?”

  3. Blake

    I’ll still get the hot tea or whatever.

    I guess that’s the Thinking Room. So lots of thinking goes on in there.

  4. Walter


    You left off the possibility of a film career in your “other things I might be doing up top.” Hope all is going well for you in your new job.


  5. Blake

    Film career?
    Did you get to go to the LSU game yesterday?

  6. Walter

    No. Ben is playing in Wesson and Perkinston on Monday and Tuesday, so I’m down here at my sisters visiting for the weekend.

  7. g

    Where are the dancing bears?

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