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The Political Compass

The Political Compass is a site I happen to come across. I’ll post where it told me I fit in politically, but I have to first say that there were many questions I didn’t have an opinion on, and a few that I wasn’t quite sure what it was asking me…but I answered anyway.

It told me I was Economic Left/Right: -1.62, and Authoritarian/Libertarian: -1.63. What exactly does that mean? Go here for a bit of an explaination. But take the test first if you’re going to look at that page. I’m not sure I fully agree. I remember taking a test at back in 2000 about which prez candidate you matched up with most. It was longer, more comprehensive, and had more areas of controlling what your ideals were. I’ll look and see if there is anything like that still on there since an election is coming up soon.

If you take the test…post your results in the comments.


  1. giddy

    You may now call me "Gandhi-Mandela".

  2. Steve

    Economic Right 2.00 and Authoritarian 2.00. Hmm, not surprising is it.

  3. yafreax

    Dont remember exactly, but i was on the Ec. Right at about 1.3 and authoritarian around 2 something. It suprised me that blake and i were so different on the auth / lib side.

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