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The reading load

I took an online class last spring semester at Asbury. My job description changed last year to require my position to either have a “theologial degree” or be in pursuit of one. Pursuit means getting 12 hours per year of seminary credit. I’ve heard great things about Asbury, know a handful of people who went to Asbury, and I don’t have to move myself and family to another state to take classes there.

To get a degree from there you do have to take 1/3 of your coursework on campus. Plus, I don’t want to take THREE classes this fall, so I’m going up to Wilmore, KY in a couple of weeks for a class. It’s called Postmodern Youth Ministry. Sounds like something I really want to dig a little deeper into. Seriously. So mid week, last week, I decide to figure out a few things for my trip up. The Wife has got clearance to get off of work for the week. I made reservations at a B&B up there w/in walking distance from campus. Now…to look at the syllabus.

Well, hindsight is always 20/20, right? The big thing I learned about going to take a grad school level course in one weeks time is that you probably need to do a little prep ahead of time. Books might need to be read before class. Turns out I need to read a book and write a 5 page review of it and turn it in the first day. It’s only a 95 page book, so it shouldn’t be that bad as long as the book is halfway interesting.

There are three other books as well. One can be read after class (but used in the paper that’s due after class too), the other two will be discussed in class. They are both about 250 pages. I emailed the prof about it. He basically said that I’d benefit greatly from reading the books before class.

So amid family, work, personal enrichment (refocusing on my own spiritual health) and recreation (refocusing on my own physical health …. plus a little XBox action) I will be dropping a few books into the mix. I must go to Wal Mart and buy a new set of highlighters (that will get spread out all through drawers and pockets and bedside tables in a matter of days.)

Thing is, I have no books as of yet. But my dear friends at are sending my favorite USP man with a package tomorrow.


  1. Jeremy

    so… what books are they you have to read?

  2. rick

    yeah – what books? just wondering if i might be able to audit your course if i've already read the material 🙂

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