I’m unhealthy.

If you were to look at me, especially when I suck in my tummy, you’d think I looked healthy. I could probably even expend some energy to flex or something and look healthy that way too. But I know I’m out of shape. But I’m ready to so something about it. I think I’m going to start running some, and work on my core elements (stomach, back, hips, shoulders) and try to eat right most of the time. I figure if I do that, I’ll be around longer and be able to play w/ some grandkids. That’s a really crazy thought when my oldest is now only 4 years old. But I know that I feel really stiff as a 31 year old guy and expect my back and legs to get even stiffer as the years go on if I do nothing.

Some friends ran a marathon a few weeks ago. My wife ran one a few years ago. I fully believe I can do one if I were to put in the time to train. I’m thinking of doing a half marathon in April. How cool could that be? 187 days from now.

Both girls have had some fever this weekend. Not good. I think Addie’s over it, but Ella’s on the front end of it. Fever is never fun w/ kids.