Like I was saying....

The week that was…

So I’ve been out of the blogging habit the past week. But things have been a little crazy. So for the last handful of days, here’s a recap:

  •  The whole fam is up here now. So we’re living in my dad’s basement. It’s both a blessing and a test.
  • A slew of tornadoes swept through the area. It caused some serious damage all around. One crept through Oxford too. I watched the crazy sky for it, but didn’t get to see it.
  • We started having morning services at The Orchard. Yesterday was our 2nd week of it. We had about 59 for the morning and 110 for the evening.
  • I had taco soup four different times in four different houses in two weeks time.
  • We looked at lots of  houses in Oxford.  I relearned or had reinforced the fact that the housing market is seriously crazy and overpriced in Oxford.
  • The inside door handle quit working on my vehicle.
  • LOST is back with a fury.
  • MSU lost two in a row; then they won two in a row.
  • The writers strike seems to be over.

So, there’s a quick recap. And we got wifi in my dad’s basement!

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  1. g

    Driver door? If so, that must be a hassle and a half!

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