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The Weekend

So, yet another weekend is done for. Here’s a little of what took place:

  • Set up a new blog for a friend. Emily Witt is teaching school in Columbia and chasing after Jesus. Make sure you stop in and tell her hello and encourage her in her writing. You want her to write so you can read it. It’s good stuff.
  • Talked to a builder about a house he’s building in Oxford.  Building would be nice, but it would be at least a handful of months until we could move in. Ugh! We close on our Clinton house this Friday. So it’s time to start looking hard.
  • Got library cards in Oxford. So now we have a PO Box, bank account, and library cards. Are we citizens?
  • Got a membership at Blockbuster in Oxford. Later I’ll tell you how much I think I’m going to hate that Blockbuster.
  • Slept late twice. Got up early once.
  • Watched Mississippi State basketball stage an incredible last minute heroic comeback. Ben Hansbrough is the man. Totally. Oh, and Phil Turner too.  MSU has a decent shot at the Big Dance now. (Here is a nice article about Ben and his bro.)
  • Ate w/ the inlaw at Harvey’s. Not sure what I had, but it had steak, grits, onion rings, shrimp, and lots of BBQ sauce.
  • Drove to Oxford twice for church. Addison likes to go early and help with setup. Both services were good today. Got to meet some new people and reconnect with some old.

So, there it is. Now it’s time to go to bed… How was your weekend?


  1. Rick

    This is another instance where perspective counts, huh, Blake? Your “incredbible last minute heroic comeback” is my “wow, USC totally hacked that one up, didn’t they?” moment. To each his own.

  2. Blake

    Well, it came down to making 3 straight free throws w/ 1.1 seconds left. So, from those eyes, it was heroic. But I understand your perspective as well. We have been on the other end of the stick quite often. Esp last year in the NIT Final Four.

  3. Emily

    Thanks for the shout out, Blake. Now, if I can only figure out how to do that “your words turn blue and when I click on it magic happens” thing that you do. Seriously, I owe you. (I think.)

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