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Time for a new camera…

When I was really young, my dad went to work in South Dakota for a year. So he bought a camera while he was away to take pictures of all the pretty landscapes up there (ha ha!) But when he came back I wore that big Canon SLR around my neck as if it were my favorite necklace. I took lots of photos. And wasn’t it great that you had to buy film and pay to have it developed back then?

Later on in middle school he got me a little Canon point and shoot. I used it a lot. Wore it out. But when I was in high school I decided I wanted to step up w/ the big boys. So the summer after my sophomore year in high school I mowed yards and pulled weeds for a lawn care service. I saved most all of my money and bought myself a camera just as school started. Had to use my grandmother’s credit card for it and everything!

I started taking pictures for the school yearbook and the local newspaper. I did almost all of my schools sporting events. And I loved doing it. Even got to learn darkroom techniques. I became known as the “Picture Man.” I’d take photos on Friday nights at football games, then develop them first part of the week. And then I’d bring them to school and watch people ohh and ahh over them. Made me feel good. I knew that was my creation from start to finish.

But life moved on. I used it a little more while working in Amory. But everything w/ newspapers was moving Digital and I didn’t have that. But now I want back in the game!

We just bought a P&S on Christmas Eve because our old Fuji didn’t flash anymore. It’s a Canon SD600. Great little camera. And so handy to have in your pocket and be able to pull out and snap a good pic. But I’m looking at some w/ some more muscle and punch.

Last fall during Addie’s soccer season someone took a few shots of her game. We bought them and I was wishing I wasn’t having to buy someone else’s but could be taking my own. So the wheels started turning. And turning and turning. I’d like to be able to document some of my family’s life as we grow. Catch the girls and their personalities at different points. And do some soccer games. Maybe do some high school stuff as well!

Had a few people recommend the Nikon D40. Said they love it. Can’t find a “bad” thing said about it. But saw that it might not be well equipped for sports photography. Had the Canon’s recommended and have now gotten torn between the Nikon D80 and the Canon 20D and 30D.

So now in the next couple of months I hope to purchase a new camera. I should jump into life w/a new eye and share with you all by way of Flickr or something. We’ll see.

But does anyone have any specific suggestions?

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  1. Chris Baker

    Hi Blake,
    I personally am a Canon guy. So I would tell you to go Canon. I work at a photography studio and we shoot Canon also. We have everything from a 10D to a 5D (But we don’t have the 30D). I’d really recommend the 30D. Its a great camera. Its very similar to a 20D except new features and probably better versatility.

    Just to warn you. If going Nikon..I’m pretty sure they have not released any full frame cameras yet. But when they do and you would eventually move to upgrade to another camera, you will have to buy all new lenses. Where as the Canon 5D which is a full frame Camera can use the same lenses that a 20D uses or older generation camera uses. From what I understand the mount has to be redesigned on the Nikons to allow for the full frame chip. Just some food for thought.

    But yeah I’d definitely would personally recommend Canon. They have been work horses and we still use all of them. They work like a champ.

  2. c$

    wut cant u jus use ur cellphone???

  3. Blake

    @Chris: I get differing reviews on the two lens threads. I hear from the Nikon camp that Canon uses different lens mounts, but Canon folks tell me that Nikon does. To be honest, I bet both would be fantastic cameras. Most likely a personal flavor preference . I might ask a few more Q’s of you soon.

    @ C$: Yeah, I could just use the camera on my phone. But then I couldn’t talk on the phone and take pictures at the same time…

  4. Chris Baker

    I think I follow. Canon lenses are different then Nikon. Its just if you go Nikon and buy lenses now…when they release a full frame camera…those lenses no longer work..for the full frame cameras.

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