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Time for a playoff

No doubt that the world of college football needs to have a playoff system.

Tell me how in the world a team gets beat in it’s conference championship game by four touchdowns and still gets to play in the National Championship game ranked number one by the BCS rankings (Oklahmoa).

Tell me how a team wins their last game pretty handily, moves from #2 in the country to #1 in both the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll, but they fall from #2 to #3 in the BCS rankings, and don’t get to play for the national title game? (Southern Cal)

It’s all a crock of you know what. I’m happy that LSU looks like they get to play for the title. But Oklahoma should be playing in the Rose (or lower) this year. Time for a playoff system. Take the top 8 teams and do a small tourney. Yes, teams #9 and below will still whine. But so what. Even if it isn’t perfect, it’s better than what we’re looking at now.

Here are some various quotes from articles:

Chad Lavalais, LSU DT: I can’t speak for the rest of the team. I can’t speak for anybody else. But if we don’t play in the Sugar Bowl — heck yeah, I’ll be p*ssed… There’s no way a team that doesn’t win its conference should play for the title. Nebraska did that a few years ago — and how did that turn out?

We’d line up and I’d tell them [Georgia]– ‘Man, you guys are getting way too predictable I’ll bet this is gonna be a screen.’ And you’d see it on their faces — ‘Uh-Oh.’ Then they started throwing fade routes and that’s when we knew we had them. They were just looking for a prayer

Sean Jones, Georgia player: Do I think they’re worthy of playing for the national championship? Absolutely — we aren’t exactly a bunch of slouches. And they stuck it to us.

Will Poole, USC CB: Whatever happens, happens. I feel like we deserve to be there (New Orleans). Personally, I would be disappointed. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s a computer. It’s not people.”

Coach Carroll, USC: We lost a darn game [On Sept. 27, USC lost at California, 34-31, in triple overtime] If we hadn’t lost a game, we’d be already in. We left the door open for some issue. That’s why I’ve been able to handle this. I’ve felt like that the whole way through. I’m still p*ssed we lost a game.

Carroll: We have everything you want for a national championship game. You have a big, exciting offense and a tough defense. I’m not taking anything away from LSU. If we go, we are going to go and let it rip.

Another ESPN Article trying to explain it all.


  1. rick

    aren't you glad we pull for teams that don't have to deal with that mess this year?

    🙂 go gamecocks

  2. Steve

    You know what puzzles me…how can LSU finish ahead of USC in the BCS and finish behind them in the AP polls? Shouldn't LSU be #1, USC #2, and Oklahoma #3? I think USC got rooked. This is a messed up system.

  3. jeremy

    hey, i'm glad LSU is in, and i'll be pullin' fot them, and i think a playoff is best too… But OU lost ONE game just like USC. You can say "well, they didn't win their conference," but USC: 1.) plays in a far inferior conference to both LSU and OU, and 2.) but LSU and OU had to play one more good team as an extra game… if the SEC and Big12 were set up like the Pac-10, then OU DID win their conference. I wonder how USC would've faired against WSU if they had to play a Pac-10 title game… AND DONT BRING UP THE AP and COACHES POLLS! Those are a bigger joke than the BCS…

    The BCS is a joke, but had OU lost their one game at the beginning of the year, instead of at the end, no one would be complaining… at least the BCS looks at the whole season, rather than "what have you done for me lately" AP and Coaches polls. BOTTOM LINE: We need a playoff, but a playoff system isn't as profitable, so we're stuck with the BCS, and SO FAR, despite all it's controversy, the best two teams have played for the Championship pretty much every year… there's no WAY you think USC is better than LSU or OU.

  4. jeremy

    No, actually steve, LSU got rooked in the Polls… LSU beat a top 5 team to win the SEC and USC beat a .500 Oregon State as their last game… LSU was the better team, it should've been LSU, USC, OU… even though OU is better than USC (see above).

  5. Curt

    My Texas Longhorns got shafted too. Despite being one of the eight best teams in the country, they will not get to play in a major bowl. Oklahoma, with one loss, will still play for the national title. Kansas State, with the win over OU and therefore the Big 12 conference championship, will get a major bowl berth by virtue of their conference title, despite having three losses.

    Since no conference can have more than two teams in major bowls, the Longhorns get to play in the (probably) Holiday Bowl. Life's just not fair.

  6. jeremy

    Yeah, but we all hate UT anyway, so you get no sympathy… Someone brought up the theory that OU was confident they'd still get in with a lose, so they lost on purpose to make texas mad!

  7. Curt

    That wouldn't surprise me. durn sooners.

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