Like I was saying....

Time to go…

Lucky for me I had someone come by the office today to bring me tickets to the game tonight. Auburn comes to The Hump tonight. I’m taking my daughter. She’s been to a couple w/ me already this season (against Arkansas and Kentucky…she get’s to go to the big games with me). She loves them. She likes the crowds, the cheerleaders, the hotdogs, the mascot, the nachos, the band, the Dr. Pepper, the game, and the M&M’s. She’s a great eater, but I gotta try to keep it under control. Eat healthy and all, of course. I’m going to carry the camera this time (I know where it is) and try to take a few pics. There should be a good crowd tonight because it’s a BIG game (we’ll clinch at least a share of the SEC title w/ a win) and there’s a baseball game going on right before it too (we’re 3-0 so far).

I need to go get some snacks (apple’s and such) together for the trip to Starkville. Fill her up on good food and then there’s no room for the junk!

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  1. Andy

    Yeah, we stink. At least football season is coming up!


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