Sometime my wife and I talk about other places we’d like to live. Florida always has been one of the nicer places. Usually warm. Lots of sun. Nice beaches. Low taxes I think. All that good stuff. She especially likes warm weather. But all this hurricane biz seems to put a damper on things, huh?

She actually went to college in Gulfport, MS. She said in her 4 years there she never remembered any ‘Canes hitting. Now it seems like there are a handful every year. My interview for the job here was almost sidetracked because of Ivan last fall. Crazy times, if you ask me. I’d still move to Florida though. I’d move a lot of places that might seem less than ideal.

Of course I’d LOVE to live in Colorado or Oregon or maybe even Washington. I think North Carolina is on that list too. Many places I’d like to check out for more than a tourist feel. And those are only the domestic locations. I could list you a small handful of places I’d love to visit and possibly live outside of the US.