Like I was saying....

Two Fillings. Same side

I get a call today from the office of my dentist friend. “Mr. Thompson, we have had a cancellation and Mr. Dentist wondered if you wanted to come in for a teeth cleaning?”  Sure. Why not?

But then they discover that I need a little more work. TWO FILLINGS. Both right side of my mouth. Top and Bottom. Now I feel like Mr Clump or whatever his name is.

Hopefully I’ll feel normal by in the morning.

The good news is I might have a little work to be done on the other side next week. Lucky me!


  1. g

    Whaaaaaat? What happened to your perfect teeth?

  2. c

    i’m pretty sure Mr. Dentist is quite liberal in his cavity deeming.

  3. Jenny

    I’m not sure I like the dentist too much, or rather he doesn’t like me? 🙂 8-10 fillings already and only 18. It’s a shame.

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