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U.S. Soldier weds his Iraqi love

A U.S. soldier over in the Middle East marries an Iraqi woman he fell in love with. The entire story is linked below, but here are a few quotes from it.

Robert Hall, 23, says he knew within a month that he would marry Vivian Mansour, 21, of Baghdad, even though at first neither spoke a word of each other’s language.

For them, cultural differences are offset by a shared Christian faith. Mansour is a Kurdish Christian — a population that makes up just 3 percent of Iraq’s 24 million people.

“It’s such a learning experience,” Hall said. “Our cultures are different, but the way we look at it is, we’re both children of God.”

Mansour’s English is still a work in progress, but she knows what attracted her to Hall.

“Heart first,” she said, pointing to her chest.

Full CNN Article

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    "Heart first." I like it!

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