Yesterday was our last day of Vacation Bible School out in the woods. One of my guys needed to drive back into town to get his guitar. But one of the girls went to get it for him. A little while later, I’m standing over by the volleyball court and see people scrambling around jumping in the back of a truck and barrelling down the road. I couldn’t tell if they were excited about something or frantic about it or what.

Turns out the girl had a wreck. She was stuck in there. But another girl that was with her crawled out and ran up the road for help. Me and two other guys jogged down the road (much farther than we thought it would be. We’d seen another girl run up barefooted and thought it couldn’t be that far since she was w/o shoes. Turns out she’d just ran from a truck a few yards away!). We saw the 4Runner flipped over in a ditch. Paramedics and firemen and police and all were already there. I was impressed.

They got her out slowly because she’d been whipped around pretty good and thought her neck was sore. But they checked her out at the hostipal and everything is okay. She had only had her liscense about 2 months and was in another guy’s car, not her own.

When asked if they had their seatbelts on, they said that they’d had them on til they got to the gravel road…they took them off then.