The wife just started her new job. I guess she’s been going in a little here and there for “training” and “experience” and she was punching a clock then. But now it’s for real and it’s just here there behind the desk running the show. That’s all good and everything. We’ll get a little more $$ so we can start knocking the mortgage back a little and maybe even put away some savings. The place has some decent employee benefits too. But the scheduling has caused a little tension.

Our work schedules overlap just a bit and it creates a situation of “where does the kid go?” for us. I think we’ve seen how it will work when her current job at the preschool is over, but between then and now there will be some reshuffling of afternoons and what not. I think it will all work out in the end, we’ll see. I’m also wondering about our social life now. Not that we were big socialites or anything, and not that anything really went on in our town to begin with. But if she’s going to be working most weeknights…who knows?

But I was thinking about it last night some. It really did seem that this job and the benefits of it were God given to begin with. Then we started seeing some details that weren’t obvious to us at first, and we started to balk. But we’re going to have to trust God in this. And I need to seek Him more about our future together as well.

Now, time to work on those taxes sometime before tomorrow.