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What does “ht” mean?

Often times when reading other blogs I’d read where someone posted something of interest to them. But they got the info first off from someone else’s blog. At the end they’d say (ht to Rick) or something, meaning they first saw that on Rick’s blog.

But I always wondered what “ht” was. What did it mean to give someone an ht? I tried googling it. I tried looking it up in and Wikipedia and even the Urban Dictionary. None worked.

Then a friend said that to give someone an ht was either “hyper text” or “hyper threading”. Neither made sense. “Hey, I got heard this cool story over on Tony’s blog. (HYPER THREAD to Tony!)” See, doesn’t make sense.

BUT, I finally found out. It means a Hat Tip. Like to tip your hat to someone as a means of acknowledgement or recognition. So, for anyone who wonderd what ht means, now you know it means a Hat Tip.


  1. Jim B.

    Thanks! The “HT” mystery was driving me nuts until you resolved it for me. I had also stumbled onto to “hypertext” as the answer. I agree – that makes no sense.

    God Bless and HT!

    Jim B.´s last blog post..A Blatzkritter Duet

  2. Farmer's City Wife

    H/T to you! I've wondered this one for a long while.
    My recent post 7 Quick Takes

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