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Workout (physical/spiritual)

Sometimes as I get in or out of the shower I glance at the mirror above the sink. Sometimes (usually) what I see in the mirror frustrates me. I see a body that is not in the shape it should be. I’ve been in decent shape before. I’m not a fat slob or anything, but I can tell I’ve let myself go a little. And the frustration comes from seeing the potential that lies within my body. I knowthat I can shape up, look better, feel better, etc. I just have to put forth the effort and disciple to do it. I have to make time for a little running/weight lifting each day. I have to put down the empty calories, and pick up the more nutritious food. It can be done, and fairly easily if I’ll just put forth the effort and discipline.

But I’m also struck by how similar my spiritual health/physique is to my physical health/physique. I’ve had times when I’ve been pretty good there, but I feel I’ve let my self “go” in this area just as I have physically. I’m a little soft in that area. But again, if I’ll just put forth a little effort and use discipline, I know I can be much healthier spiritually. And what about the nutrition? I need to sink my teeth into the meat of the Word more and more. Books by Christian authors about God are good and all. But they’re no substitute for The Word.

So I’m about to embark upon a journey to get healthier, both spiritually and physically. Please pray that I can have the discipline.

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  1. yafreax

    man blake, me and you are in the exact same boat…

    yup. i've made small steps on the physical for a while and the spiritual is getting started off on the right foot after a lot of junk food for a while, so hopefully i can stick with it as well.

    I'll try to remember you and your "journey" in my prayers.


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