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Two Cover Tuesday 3

All Along The Watch Tower by Dave Matthews Band

Last week I put up a Dylan song that g liked. So I figured I’d give g one more Dylan song to see if it was up to standards. I think this a much better remake than the one I had last week. Of course, I like DMB better than GnR too.

Welcome to The Black Parade [originally by My Chemical Romance]

If you’ve not heard the original of Welcome to the Black Parade by MCR, then you might not truly appreciate it. To transpose it to piano totally is impressive. I like the original song a lot too.

Two Cover Tuesday

I have found recently some good songs covered by other artists on YouTube. Some that I thought I had to share. But there were a lot. So why not make it a weekly thing? Throw a few out now and then. So here are the first two cover songs for Two Cover Tuesday.

The first one is from Travis. They are a Scottish band that is quite good. But he goes in a totally different direction with his song choice. Probably sounds much better than the original one, to be honest.

Another accoustic version of a song. Again, totally different types of artists when you compare the Plain White T’s and Rihanna.

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