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My Sunday Afternoon List

It’s time for a list again:

  • We got some rain this morning from Ike. Came through and left. I hope things stay away as I fly on small planes this week.
  • We started putting the old fort back together. I built it in our backyard in Clinton. We disassembled it and brought it to Oxford. It was in lots of pieces since we moved. Now it’s in fewer pieces. And the girls can climb/slide a little now. More to come.
  • My and my over analysis is making we wonder if I should sell my new Canon 40D for the new Nikon D90. I’m always looking over the fence.
  • Last night Mississippi State played the #9 team in the country. We only lost by one point. The score was 3-2. Yep, 3-2. That seems like a hockey or soccer score.
  • Church this morning was really full. Now we will see what our evening service looks like. This weekend was “Parents Weekend” at UMiss. So that probably had something to do with it.
  • I think I need a new theme. Quickly
  • I saw South Panola play football at their newly installed $750,000 field. Was impressive. So was the new pressbox. And everyone there was really nice and helpful as I taped the game against Grenada. It was a terrible game. SP had 500 yards offense. Grenada had -7. Ouch.

Butch Thompson @ Mississippi State

butchButch Thompson
has been named the new pitching coach on John Cohen‘s staff for Mississippi State Baseball. I think it’s a great hire. Butch has been the pitching coach at both the University of Georgia and Auburn University for the last 6 or 7 years. He’s produced 20 drafted pitchers and very highly rated recruiting classes.

Butch is from Amory like me, so I’ve kept up with his career a little. I was hoping Ron Polk would have brought him to Starkville when Ron came back a few years ago. But it took a little longer than that. But Butch is glad to be back closer to home since his dad has been recently diagnosed with some illnesses.

This is a great hire for the Bulldogs. [And there is no relation between Butch and me.]

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