A few months back I saw mention of Phil Wickham on Brody’s blog. They were friends and Brody was telling folks that Phil was an awesome singer/songwriter ontop of being an awesome guy. Then a bit later Brody helped release Singalong, Phil’s free live worship album. I downloaded it back in August.

But just recently I spent time listening to it. And then when figured out that I had it all out of order in iTunes it made a big difference (it’s a live cd recorded at a worship meeting.) Anyhow, one of his songs is my new favorite. It’s called BEAUTIFUL. Last night it gave me chills as I really listened to the lyrics. That doesn’t happen often. So I figured I’d share it with you. Listen to it up above and tell me what you think.

The cd is a masterful mix of originals, traditional hymns, and a great blend of Phil’s voice, his guitar, and crowd singing along.

Anyhow, give it a listen. You can get the cd yourself for free from his website. It’s really good.

Hope your holidays have goneĀ  well so far. Let me know how you are. (lyrics are below)

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