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I don’t know what’s up with the blogging lately. Or what’s not up with it. I used to be the one who’d try to encourage people to blog. And even got a few people into it. But I’ve been a major slacker. I think it’d be easy to blame it on Twitter. And I’ve noticed that a bit more lately too. Some people who used to be really frequent bloggers have moved most of their online voice over to twitter. And I really like twitter. But didn’t expect to give it attention at the expense of blogging.

twitter-logoI guess sometimes when you have a quick thought in your head that would eventually morph into a blog post…if you zip that thought out to twitter through a text message or Tweetdeck, then you feel “done” with that thought. Or at least you look for conversation about that thought through twitter or Facebook (my tweets update my Facebook status…so feedback is there as well).

And this new twitter attention has taken some of the time away from regular blog reading too! But a couple of nights ago when the house was all quiet I looked back through some of my favorite blogs…and realized what I’d been missing. Yes, I like a 140 character glance into what someone is thinking/doing. I mean, who doesn’t want to know that Pat’s power is out again or that Will thinks that love for a Pizza Hut buffet knows no age boudaries. And it’s always interesting to know that Emily has a cold and is going to be early or that Shaq is sending a message to Brett Farve. I like those things. I really do.

But in my return to reading some blogs, I realized there’s so much more to read than just 140 characters. And I want to return to it. [But of course follow me on twitter as well: @statedog.]

Best Twitter Video Ever

So I’ve been absent from blogging a bit lately. Not really sure why. I’ve had ideas. But not put them down on the blog yet. And I’ve had the SEC Tournament, March Madness (it made me mad), allergies, and some other things going on. I’ll be back. With a force. Bank on it.

But some people have blamed Twitter for a slow-down in blogging lately. Could be. I’ve been Twittering a lot more lately (follow me here!). But it’s no excuse. But either way, I found an awesome twitter video this morning by way of Carlos. It’s simply amazing. If you know what twitter is, watch below and laugh!

This week in Tweets

  • You could make a pencil with erasers at both ends but honestly… what would be the point? #
  • I just saw Hurley’s imaginary friend Dave from LOST turn up on 24 – Day 4. #
  • @ylimewitt @aepolsgrove Batman and Clint Eastwood sound alike. Agree? in reply to ylimewitt #
  • @tapdraw Didn’t she play the voice of the Squirrel in Doctor Doolittle 2? in reply to tapdraw #
  • @JeffRodgers I had to switch to wouldn’t load the live stream for me. in reply to JeffRodgers #
  • I’m wondering the crowd reaction to George and Laura… Any predictions? #
  • Dick Cheney is in a lowrider. #
  • Still snowing in Oxford. If it keeps up like this it might actually stick. Right now melts as it hits the ground. #
  • JT and Dave just said the George handed POTUS the football. A 24 reference. #
  • I think @tapdraw got cable today just to watch #LOST #
  • My luck that LOST is on the same night as my small group. Oh well, it was a great meeting. #
  • Why did Jack shoot hurley? WHY!? #
  • I think JT and Dave hate the new traffic cams. They call them traffic scamras. #
  • @jcchurch So do you have a race on the calendar you’re training for? I need to get consistent with running again. Keep it going, man! in reply to jcchurch #
  • @GodsMac How do I get a pair of those glasses? #
  • @chandeleur Bryan K Trochessett! welcome to twitter . Like Aladin said….there’s a whole new world! #
  • @tapdraw Because of frozen yogurt? in reply to tapdraw #
  • @shaunking My watch band broke. I keep thinking I need a new watch. But it broke back in October. I’ve been without since. in reply to shaunking #
  • The UM Disc Golf Course is hopping today. Lots of students out. #
  • @cameronstrang What software do you use to edit your podcasts? in reply to cameronstrang #
  • Saturday morning came earlier than expected. But started easier too. Is that possible? #
  • Twittering about technology talks at leadership team meeting. #
  • Twitter seems to be getting a lot of shout outs here at the leadership team meeting. Wonder if it will catch on w/ The Orchard. #

This week in Tweets

  • 2009 officially starts for me today. Looking forward to the day and the year. #
  • @iFroggy This is why God made Macs, right? Just kidding. I know it’s frustrating. Hope it starts working again. in reply to iFroggy #
  • @dmerrix Still on season one, right? It keeps ramping up steadily. What was the major drama this ep? in reply to dmerrix #
  • @neiltullos Welcome to the conversation. I see you finally drank the Twitter KoolAid. Are any other Clintonians in the mix yet? #
  • @dmerrix Maybe he’s scouting some for Tim Riggins. Might Riggins become a Red Raider? #Friday Night Lights in reply to dmerrix #
  • When i can’t find anything good on the radio it seems classic rock is always a comfortable fall back. #
  • @patgiblin No, but twhirl can. in reply to patgiblin #
  • @iFroggy Yall use tape to record your podcasts? Wow, retro. in reply to iFroggy #
  • @neiltullos Are you going to get iLife/iWork09 ? in reply to neiltullos #
  • @willRambo Did you eat at Solomon’s Porch? in reply to willrambo #
  • Decisions decisions. I think some times I epitomize paralysis by analysis. #
  • It’s amazing how a sun can clear your head, make you tired, and energize you simultaneously. #
  • oops… sun = run #
  • @abedis Gone Baby Gone in reply to abedis #
  • Mr. MetroCast is drilling something into the side of my house. Soon… I’ll have high speed net inside. Yet no tv cable. #
  • Trying to get the no wire internetz working in my home. I’m not cussing yet. #
  • Wings Fanatic is about to get some of my money. Hope it’s good stuff. #
  • Just used this ( to make a new twitter background. Thanks, @tapdraw! #
  • I just bloodied my 7 year old’s nose with a Aerobee SuperDisc. Wiped the blood/tears away and she wanted to keep throwing. Thats’ my girl! #
  • Friday Night Lights + Explosions In The Sky = Greatness. 2nd to last episode was (yet again) golden. And way to go Lance. #

This week in Tweets

  • @tonymorganlive Followed me twice today, huh? in reply to tonymorganlive #
  • @JeffRodgers Yes, Tweetdeck is quite nice.I like the groups & searches you can have set up in different columns & I replied on Fbook longer in reply to JeffRodgers #
  • Just finished half a day with Jack Bauer in Season 4. #
  • One more day of the year. What to do with it? #
  • My 2008 with Twitter: #
  • Good morning 2009. Breakfast is done. Kids are fed. Now we’ll see what else happens. Maybe Barnes & Noble. #
  • @tapdraw Are you sure it wasn’t the best cup of the year? in reply to tapdraw #
  • Went on my first run of 2009. Took Addie with me. She had a lot more energy than I expected. 7 year olds have lots of energy. #
  • @aepolsgrove Indeed, it was good. You should have brought your new camera. Meant to tell you Bev read that Manning book you’re now reading. in reply to aepolsgrove #
  • My 4 year old is watching the Rose Bowl like it is Veggie Tales. Lots of questions. I like it. #
  • @dmerrix It wasn’t forced. But she soon wanted to switch to Tom and Jerry. in reply to dmerrix #
  • “Don’t get caught watching the paint dry!” : Shooter. #
  • @justinhjones There is tweetdeck and twhirl; both pretty cool. There are a few others as well, but I’ve settled on T’deck for now. Or web. in reply to justinhjones #
  • @stephenbond I am disappointed in you. in reply to stephenbond #
  • @willrambo Would you hire Coach Taylor to be on staff at MSU? Let me know when you’re done w/ S1. I gotta evangelize w/ it again. in reply to willrambo #
  • @abedis Throw some Ed Young Jr and Craig Grochell in there too. Maybe mix in some Steven Furtick for spice. in reply to abedis #
  • Buying Christmas wrapping paper at Walmart at a substantial discount. 11.5 months early. #
  • @bradlocke If only we could play Houston every game. in reply to bradlocke #
  • Friday Night Lights to air on Friday this fall makes me think that NBC doesn’t care if it succeeds. That stinks [I think]. #
  • @AdamCGore Ahhh. I meant this spring. Either way, bad decision on NBC’s part I believe. Might be the best show around. Do you watch? in reply to AdamCGore #

My Year with Twitter

Twitter is interesting. I signed up and didn’t get it at first. I posted maybe once every 2 months. But then once I moved to Oxford I started really getting into the swing of it. It helps when you have people you know in “real life” using it as well. So when Pat (@tapdraw) started using it too, we both seemed to explode with it. If you don’t twitter yet, you should. It’s easy. Fun. Informative. And makes you cooler (right?)
Anyhow, I saw Pat did this, so I figured I’d give it a try. But it was really hard to cull down my twitter posts from 2008. So I’ll not put them all on the first page. But here are some highlights of my Twitter posts from 2008 [taken from about 34 pages of twitters (or 717 updates)].
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