Like I was saying....

You know that feeling in your gut when you realize that your keys you need to unlock your car door are inside your car? I had that yesterday. Except that it was van keys and I was in Tupelo with my daughter and a church van with a flatbed trailer behind it. But my belly was full of Cici’s Pizza, so it made everything okay.

But there’s always (for me at least) that moment of consideration. That moment where I think, “If I just bashed in this back window, I could get in a lot quicker than having to borrow a phonebook and phone somewhere and then having to wait 30 minutes on somebody to come so I can pay them $40 for 20 seconds of work.” But alas I went to the Golf 1st shop to call a pop-a-lock place, waited about 15 minutes for him to get there, and paid only $20 for what actually took about 5 minutes.

During the wait I sat on the trailer with my daughter picking up rocks and dirt clods and hurling them into the parking lot. She tought it was way fun and I enjoyed watching her do it. She has a great affection for rocks…any kind. She likes to put them in her pocket, in Daddy’s pocket, in any compartment she can find at home too. Rocks, rocks, rocks. But I’m not fooled by the rocks that she’s got. I still know she’s Addie from the block. But it really is amazing to see how much joy she can get by throwing rocks and dirt. I sometimes long for a return to simpler things…but then those thoughts are interupted by me thinking I need to go check my email or something like that.


  1. rob

    I used to like to throw rocks, too. I stopped throwing them after my daddy whipped my butt when I hit a car.

  2. giddy

    A couple of the rocks my son gave to me are kept in a little cup next to his picture on a shelf. He said that they were special; I believe him.

  3. rick

    i still "collect" rocks, kinda like the hebrews taking and placing rocks as the crossed the jordan. i've got two in particular from a very spiritual high mountaintop experience. one is on a shelf at work, the other is in the pocket of a jacket i wore at the time. every winter it gets cool enough, i put the jacket on and remember.

    yeah, i just chuck the other rocks across the pond.

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