Like I was saying....

A message from The Kid…


  1. rick

    if the baby is a boy, will you be a big brother? 🙂

  2. Steve

    Congratulations! This is exciting news! Do we get to see Bev with a belly when she starts showing?

  3. Blake

    Not sure I get what you mean, Rick.

    Steve, yeah, I'll get a pic up sometime. I actually have an old picture from the first pregancy…but don't tell her I showed it to you. I'll have to scan it sometime.


  4. Jay

    Very Awesome… I will have to say though, we had our second this past December and it is tough. It is amazing the things that you forget about. I guess that is why we had the second. I would change it for the world though.

    Congrats Blake!

  5. Busy Baby


  6. Steve

    Naaaah…two's not tough…try three. But I agree with you Jay, it's definitely worth it. Just think, we get the awesome responsability of raising warriors in the kingdom. Cool yet tough challenge.

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