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Addie Got A Camera

Last Monday we ordered Addie’s camera from She checked the mail a few times a day every day (even on Sunday). She was so anxious. Especially after the package tracker said that it was supposed to be picked up from Memphis on Tuesday. That is only about 70 miles away.

But it never looked like it was going to come. So I come home from work yesterday and a shrieking seven year old is squealing, “Daddy! Daddy! My camera came! It came in today!” We go inside and see that yes indeed it came, but no one had figured out how to put the batteries in or anything else. It feels good to be needed in this family.

So she has gone nuts with it. She has taken TONS of pics but deleted tons too. She does some self cataloging it seems. But we’ve gotta make sure of what she’s taking pictures of too. Some things don’t need to be put out there: dirty underwear in the floor, her baby brother getting his diaper changed, her mom while she’s sleeping!

But soon she’ll be wanting to show friends and family what she’s creating. So we’re trying to figure out the best way right now. Any suggestions, let me know.


  1. Captain.

    that’s rad.
    on the ideas though.. no clue, with a 7even year old + computer.

  2. John

    Try apple iweb– she can have a site with password so that only those you want to see it can see it.

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