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Am I To Be Like Eve?

Well, it seems that Eve couldn’t resist the apple. She gave in and partook of the fruit. Now I don’t mean to say that an Apple is sinful at all. But I’ve been looking over the fence at the Macintosh computers for a bit. I hear all the buzz. I see all the neat tools. I hear the “once you go back, you’ll never go back!” phrases.

But after some needed switcheroos in the computer setups in the office, we made a purchase. And we purchased a MacBook Pro. It should be here w/in the week. We expect to be using it for various media manipulation and editing as well as some desktop stuff. It’s got the horses. And we plan to let it run!

Does anyone recommend any media projection software? We’ve been using MediaShout for PC’s for around a year or so. I’ve seen ProPresenter and LiveWorship both for the Mac. Any thoughts?

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  1. Chris Baker

    Hope you find this –
    I found this thread on Mediashouts website and thought of you. Perhaps you made a choice already.

    and this website that was in this thread:

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