Like I was saying....

What’s coming around the bend?

Watch this video. And think about what you life will be like a few steps into the future.


  1. jeremy

    there is a lot in this video about different subjects. The writing has been on the wall for some time about US’s place as a superpower in the world today. We’re still there on reputation and military prowess and perhaps a bit of resolve. But our education has been in the dumps (comparative to china / india / middle east) for years. We see now what happens to a credit based society when the resources start to crumble. Honor and Loyalty are still alive in India and China, and though Honor and Loyalty causes unique problems that are difficult to address, we’ve basically completely eliminated the concepts form our society. . .another thing this video doesn’t touch on is how far behind even the middle east we are in technology. The global center of the commercialized, technological, internet-age world is the UAE, not the USA. And yet, for the most part, we’re still blind to our own pride. There’s an old Hebrew proverb that lets us know what comes after pride…

    But, some of the other things discussed in here, like the speed of technology increasing and information stuff… I tend to believe a wall will be hit just like it was during the industrial revolution. If you look at the numbers of comparable things (technology, production, etc) during the Ind. Revo., they are just as exponential, with the obvious exception of speed of deployment. But, there is no way to tell i guess. Its a fun ride, thats for sure…

    now, where’d i put my iPod?? …

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  2. pat

    consider my mind blown.

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  3. Blake

    @jeremy – Obviously we seem to be falling behind other countries in terms of education advancement. Makes me wonder about the best ways to prepare my own children for life. Move internationally? Haha… Sounds appealing to me for sure.

    @pat – pretty wild, huh?

  4. canudigit

    I think I fell further behind in the short time it took me to watch the video.

    I give up.

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