Well I have been on the road or away from town for more days than not the last 2 to 3 weeks. But thankfully I’ve had a great time and am still not so tired after it’s all been said and done. But there’s a desire to take a deep breath and hope to be able to take it easy now. But reality is that the old routine is waiting. Or maybe the revised routine of 2006 is here. So there’s not going to be a ton of kickback time.

But Passion 06 was fantastic. We carried a great group of people with us and met up with the folks from Amory. We all had rooms in the hotel right across the street from the Gaylord Entertainment Arena. So we could walk most everywhere we went. But God opened some eyes through amazing praise and worship times. And God spoke through Louie Giglio and John Piper and Beth Moore. David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, and Matt Redman led us in songs of worship. And we prayed together many times.

I bought the binder of all the general sessions and four of the breakout meetings. Prebought it so I wouldn’t have to wait for the 1.7 hours it would have stolen from my life if I’d stood in line that long.

But I want to look back to Passion 06 and see it as an awakening of sorts in my life. Where a realization went off to God’s calling me to something bigger than myself. Because I think that’s what I tend to focus on…myself. But the overall gist or theme of things I walked away from Passion with was that I’m not here for me or my wants/desires, but that God has saved me and called me for HIS purposes. And that I should take advantage of my life here on earth to live a life that honors him and attempts to usher in His Kingdom in my circle of influence. That my satisfaction comes only from Him and that should be my entire purpose in life. And that I should be ready to suffer for His glory as well.

Not always easy pills to swallow, but truth none the less.