Like I was saying....

Bill Gates Doesn't Care About Your Email!

I remember back in the day….when I first got email…and I’d get a message every now and then that read a little something like this:

If you send this email to X number of people, then you get (pick from the list):
Cash from Bill Gates, Gift Certificate from Applebee’s, Old Navy/Gap/Fitch gift certificates, cell phones, soda, trips, etc. It really, really works. My cousin’s diet specialist swears it’s true!

Then I got another, then another. I’d think that after so many years now that people would realize this is just a hoax. But I still get them from time to time. And every now and then a family member or friend takes the plunge into the world of cyber space and thinks “Hey, this might actually work and Bill Gates might actually send me some cold hard cash, no matter what color it is!” and I get it again. I should not let it bother me, I know.


  1. yafreax

    my favorites are the "email petitions"… how stupid are those… i mean, lets think logically for a minute.

    1.) no company, govt body, etc. is ever going to take those serious cause they're easier to fabricate than the real petitions.

    2.) how the crap is it EVER going to get back into the hands of the people that "originated" or "need" it in order to give it to the company, govt body, etc so we can save whatever right it is we are trying to save?

    But, oh well… i guess we'll never learn.

  2. Blake

    Or the ones that say, "If you believe in God, add your name to this list!"

    And then at the bottom it tries to make you feel guilty by saying you'll have bad luck or you don't really love Jesus or something.

  3. duped

    I got one. People had checks from Bill Gates as proof of their "earnings". What I wondered was why everyone still had the checks instead of cashing them. I sent it on anyway; on the off-chance that he is handing them out, I could use a good check from Bill Gates.

  4. Blake

    Giddy, you actually got to see a check from Bill Gates? Wow! Whose was it?

  5. giddy

    Caught me! It was yours, but I stole and cashed it.

  6. rick

    i keep getting the ones from the wife of some foreign dictator who's put $25M into an offshore account and wants to transfer funds into our checking accounts where she can get the money and we can keep half or something like that.

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