I first saw the trailer for this film a long way back. I think Corey Mann had a link to it on his blog. I thought it looked pretty interesting and intriguing. I figured it might be a good film to catch over the holidays or a for sure rental in the Spring.

Then a few weeks later I start seeing the email chain letters talking about how evil the movie is. Apparently the author of the books is an atheist and is trying to espouse his beliefs through this series. In the books God is represented by a really old man who is stuck in his old timer ways and has some oppressive thinking. I think he might actually die in the end of the trilogy.

So help me think through this… A guy is writing a book trilogy where someone his whole belief system is based on exists and then dies? I think he’s just trying build up a belief system and then break it apart.

I’ve read stories and quotes to where Pullman, the author of the books, basically sees himself as the Anti-C.S. Lewis. He hates what the “church” has done in history (and admittedly there have been lots of wrongs done for wrong reasons in the name of the “church”).

So should we boycott the movie? Will you go see it? I’m torn. Part of me wants to say sure since he’s anti my own belief system. But then does a boycott really accomplish anything? I think many will still go see it. So it’s not to “hit them where it hurts the most (the pocket)” situation. Now I won’t carry my own kids. Why? It’s a PG-13 movie! Neither of my kids are even half of 13. Their ages added up don’t even break double digits yet.

But even if the movie is calling God into question, and God fearing people are scared of God being called into question… Goodness, turn on your television just about anytime of the day or pick up a newspaper. God is being called into question all the time.

And there are tons of movies and television shows that have values contrary to Biblical values. Heck, most of the children being “protected” from The Golden Compass probably hear worse stuff at their lunch table at school.

If our children’s own faith is the biggest concern, then I think we as parents and we as followers of Christ need to realize that we should have a much deeper influence of their faith than a movie. And if they do see the movie, we should have the relationship with our kids. I don’t think God is scared of our questions. Actually, I think He invites our questions. That way, when we get through them and He’s helping us find the Truth…then our faith in Him can be solidified.

So…will you see the movie or read the books? (And thanks to Jeremy for getting my thoughts stirring)