Like I was saying....

Boys Don't Wear Earrings!

Last night we all went out to eat after I screwed up our house’s electricity. We were supposed to go to a wedding, but couldn’t get ready because I was trying to be Mr. Fix It and replace some old electrical plugs around the house. I ran into an interesting outlet that didn’t look right. I’d been working with white/black wires…but ran into a red one. But I figured I’d better hook it up the same way…and it somehow turned all the electricity off to the whole house. More on that later.

After supper we ran to LifeWay and then to BooksAMillion. We looked at books (duh) around the store. The Kid ended up finding me in the magazine section. I was looking at an XBox magazine on one of the benches. There were two guys on a bench next to me looking at mags as well. The Kid goes over and gets her a Reptile magazine. I figured she’d not have liked it, but she did. She cozies up next to me. Then she exchanges it for a Puppy magazine. Then gets quiet.

I’m reading about Halo2 and other stuff in the XBox mag. Then she says, quite loudly, “Boys don’t wear earings!” I asked her what in the world she was saying. So she said it again, “Boys don’t wear earrings!” I looked to my right and noticed the guy there had his ear pierced.

I wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I just laughed out loud. I think the guy did too. But it’s funny to see her associate earrings with girls only. I guess that’s the general norm here where I live. But I see nothing wrong w/ a guy and a pierced ear. I probably will never do it. But I think it looks cool on some guys. My wife wanted me to get my ear pierced once….way back. Maybe I wasn’t cool enough for her back then or something?

I later asked my daughter if I should get my ear pierced. She just giggled and shook her head.


  1. jeremy

    funny story. kids are cute.

  2. g

    Maybe I'll get my tattoo when you have your ear pierced? Let me know; I have a couple of earrings whose mate has been lost – perfect for someone with only one piercing.

  3. jeremy

    guys can have multiple piercings now… in fact, guys with only one piercing are not cool anymore… it's either none or multiple… but not one.

  4. Jeff

    I don't think my chairman of deacons liked my nipple ring at the back to school pool party last month.

  5. vicki

    jeff, please don't show the nipple ring at Sunday dinner. YUCK!!

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