From my former youth group in Clinton there were quite a few graduating seniors that went to Mississippi State. It made me smile a little because that’s where I graduated from too. I absoutely loved my time there. Sometimes I wish I could do it again. I was only there for 4 semesters. I don’t know that I’d want to give up my previous 5 semesters at Northeast CC and USM, but to think of a full 4.5 year experience at MSU makes me smile. Heck, it might not have taken 4.5!

But lots of things have changed. I was telling one of these freshman about it the other day. Here are a few notable things I told her:

  • Online homework? I wonder how that works? When I was at good ole MSU there were no such things as WiFi. Or high speed internet. I had to go to a computer lab on campus to get on the web. My roommate had a computer a home and we could check email though. And it was all text based. The world wide web did start to come about. I was amazed.
  • Cell phones? I only knew one guy who had a cell phone. He thought he was cool. He was rich because he inherited a lot of money and spent it unwisely to try to feel good I think. We went to a basketball game really early because Kentucky was coming to town. [We actually went to a women’s game before the men’s game to get good seats. And had to wait for the women’s game to start!] He ordered pizza from The Hump on his cell. He thought he was cool. I gave him a thumbs up and ate some pizza.
  • There was a bowling alley in the bottom of the Union. And a Taco Bell. And a Wendy’s. But no ChikFilA. I used to do homework in the union between classes sometimes. I remember gathering with a few hundred students between classes to see the OJ Simpson verdict on the tvs there. And watching football games on a Saturday eating a steak burrito supreme before walking to watch the Bulldogs get beat [happened a lot while I was there.]
  • Malfunction Junction was still there. Don’t worry. You wouldn’t miss it.
  • Jackie Sherrill was there. Some people miss him. Most don’t. I saw him at the movie theater in Starkville once. I was going to see Bad Boys. I think he and his wife had gone to the previous showing. He was dressed in all black.
  • SouthFarm was South Farm, not a bunch of intramural fields by the vet school. You could go relax or throw the frizz or camp out or whatever.
  • And the Wesley Foundation was as amazing as ever. Loved it and the people there. Some were just like me. Some were way different. But it was all good. I miss it.

I miss it all. And I’m slightly jealous of you, but super excited for you. Soak it all in. Write it down somewhere. Filter it all through God’s grace and mercy. And it will be some of the best times of your life. And it will pass quickly, so make the most.