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Chilly Easter

This morning we headed up to the church for the Easter Egg Hunt. But this one was unique. All the little kids were bundled up in coats and toboggans. It was stinking cold! My two year old did quite well, but my 5 year old hardly got any because she wanted to finish coloring and writing her name on her picture before going outside.

So we walked over next to where the two year old was, and she gave her big sister some of her eggs. Even the Golden Egg she found. I doubt we see that happen any more in the years to come (the golden egg part.)

But as cold as it is right now (highs in the 50’s, lows in the 30’s) compared to the 80+ we’d been feeling, it should be interesting tomorrow at church for Easter Sunday. The day that so many females have that special, cute, perfect dress to wear. The dress that is almost always a “warm weather” dress.

So will all these women/girls be tough and wear it tomorrow and be cold, or postpone it til next weekend. As if Al Gore needed something else to be wrong about!

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  1. g

    I would hope that, even at Easter, women’s and girls’ attire is not dictated solely by “fashion” and that these females will dress appropriately for the weather. Geesh!

    And Al Gore has been right about a few things. 🙂

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