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Costa Rica : Day Two

I just posted Day One, but here I go with Day Two. I wrote most of that last night, but it´s evening now when I´m posting it. So I figured I´d go with some details about Day Two.

I slept well, but never as long as I´d like. Such is life. But the day started with us waiting on some supplies to work in the new church. OR…we could start painting the pastor´s house. I usually don´t like paiting, but I´m okay with a roller. So a few of us went to paint. We painted the whole house with two coats of paint. And tomorrow we´ll start on the trim.

That´s basically the day in a nut shell. But it´s so very good to be able to talk with and connect to both old and new friends here. I was talking with Utah tonight about could he ever see himself living here. We both agreed that on one hand, yes because we think we could fit in fine with the culture. But not so sure on the other hand because… …of the lack of friendships on the front end. And the initial language barrier would create some difficulties to begin with.

But tomorrow looks to be more painting. The crews in the church building are working on flooring, scoring, drywall, sheetrock sort of stuff. There are some Costa Rican welders and stuff with us too.

We hit up the milkshake place again. I´m in need of a shower and probably some reading tonight. Maybe play a game or two of cards. And again, please be in prayer for The Wife´s dad. It looks like I might have to return home early if things worsen any.

Some pictures follow:

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  1. g

    Make sleep a priority! Glad you are getting some painting experience. My own “box” could use some interior painting. 🙂 It is written that we must help the widows and the orphans. Only because of God in me am I a divorcee rather than a widow. (Get my drift?)

    Prayers are with you, your clan and your group and with Bobby.

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