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Costa Rica: We got here

After a night of no sleep, IHOP, playing a few video games at Wal-Mart and then loading a plane, we made it. The stop in Atlanta was uneventful, and then a plane ride that I actually got a little sleep on and we´re here. There´s no way we´re anywhere near being through with building the church. We´ll have plenty of work to get done.

But I´ll be able to do some good updating since I brought the computer. Plenty of pictures aready. I´ll get them all organized tonight and ready for an entry tomorrow. So please be praying for us.


  1. g

    Good to know! Get some sleep; build on the “box” you spoke of, and let your Light shine. God be with you all.

  2. ab

    Let me know if you need any “architectural” assistance in drawings, sketches, details, etc. I would be more than happy to assist behind the scenes. You are a blessing as is your mother. Be safe – pray up.

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