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Last night after putting my daughter to bed I got to thinking about her…a lot. She has got to be one of the coolest people in the world. At the same time, she can be frustrating at times. But usually those are the times that I’m being selfish of my own time and I allow that to affect my attitudes. But seriously, she’s the coolest.

When we found out we were pregnant, you start thinking about “Do we want a boy or a girl?” I guess I thought that as a guy I’m supposed to want a boy. You know, so we could do all the guy stuff together…that’s what expectant dads are supposed to think, rigth? But it really became, “What ever pops out I know I’ll enjoy.” It wasn’t just cliche either.

When we went to the Dr. for them to squeeze the liquid nitrogen gel on to my wife’s belly (she said that’s what if felt like…below freezing) to rub the little sonogram dealio on her, we figured it would be a really sweet, touching moment. But the lady doing it was like, “There’s the head. There’s the heart beating…see? There’s a arm/leg/etc.” Then she said, “You want to know the sex?” My wife and I looked at each other like it was a Hallmark moment, grinned, then nodded to each other (as if we just decided then and there…) and said, “Yes…” With the warmth of a flagpole on a frosty January morning, she said, “Girl.” then flipped the machine off and left. They said she was batting about .998 on her predictions, so we knew we were getting a girl.

I remember when I first made a public announcement about our pregnancy. It was at a church board meeting. I gave my normal monthly report. Then asked for prayer for my wife. I could see the looks of interest creep onto the faces that watched me. I told them that we’d gone to the doctor that week because she’d been feeling week and sick for a little while. And that the doctors found something. [Concern clouded some faces] They found a growth within her… I paused. [Intake of breath and some open mouths] Then I begin to grin, “But the doctor said that everything should be fine in about 6 months the baby is due!” Heh heh. That was awesome. I really had everyone going for a second.

But back to my daughter…she surprises me everyday with something new in her personality, in her intelligence, in her creativity, or just in her goofiness (she must get that from her mother!) She’s amazing. And I hope I realize more and more everyday that she is a precious gift from God that He has given to me to grow/lead/shape her for His purposes. And oh, how I need His help.

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  1. Steve

    Do we still have first dibs? I like these kinds of posts.

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