Like I was saying....

Dog Bites

No, we’re not talking about Bulldogs this time.

But last Saturday when The Wife and I went to Starkville to see the MSU/UM game, The Kid stayed with my grandmother. After the game The Wife and I were going out to eat before coming home. I called to check in on The Kid. I was told that Buddy, my grandmother’s dog (or semi her dog. It belongs to a cousin, but stays with my grandmother…anyway) bit her pretty good on the face. I asked how bad it was. There was a pause, then she said, “It’s not good.”

Thankfully The Kid hasn’t really shown any fears of dogs or anything. She still plays as hard as ever with our two dogs. Here are two pics that were taken the day after the bite and one this morning.

Dog Bite

I think the lip will be okay. There might be a slight scar on that cheek. But we’re keeping the tripple antibiotic ointment on it…so we’ll see.


  1. jeremy

    dang… OUCH

  2. Steve

    And did you kill the dog?

  3. Jennifer

    Please hold her close for me. My son was used as a teething toy for his cousin for a year before I finally gave up and we stopped spending time with that family. I know bites. And this is from a dog? Oh, please give her a hug for me while I shake my head and blink back tears.

  4. lj

    I guess that's why parents are always nervous when they go out without the kids, no matter who's watching the kids.
    I'm sure it broke your heart to find out that happened but I'm glad it wasn't worse.

  5. Blake

    No, I didn't kill the dog. I have never liked him in the first place though. He's really moody/grumpy and jealous of The Kid anyway.

    The great thing is that she's not scared of dogs. I was afraid that might happen. Our own dog bit her a few weeks ago. He was getting some food out of the trash and she was telling him "NO!" and trying to get him out. But it was more of a small nip than a big bite. But it was on the other side of her face. Go figure.

  6. angela

    My daughter was bitten in the face recently by a dog that belongs to someone we live with. The dog is old, and can't see. Yet the owner says we'd have to move before she gets anything done to her dog….. this isn't the first time he's bared his teeth at one of my kids. And my kids KNOW not to go around these dogs.; ANY ADVICE would help please.

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