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Fantasy Football

I must admit, I’m already getting excited about the prospects of fantasy football. My friend Sam talked about it for a few years, then he got me in a league he was in. I joined it and began my own as well. After doing pretty well in both of those leagues that first year…I’m hooked!

So it’s only a matter of time now.


  1. rick

    i thought about that the other day, too. is anyone starting an online league? i'm not hooked on the pay-for-play kind, but the freebie versions are fun. i've played at CNNSI for a couple of years now, and i'm going to check it out tonight… want in? or if you've started – sign me up! 🙂

  2. Steve

    hey, i'd like to hook up with one of these leagues. can someone tell me how to get started?

  3. Blake

    I've always played on Yahoo! and really liked it. I did participate in a league on Sandbox once, but hated it. And I got put on tons of spam lists too.

    Steve & Rick,
    Yahoo! hasn't started their Football just yet, but I'll check back often. But I'd love for the two of you to be in my league…just don't beat me!

  4. jeremy

    hey guys… i'm in… sandbox did suck royaly

  5. rick

    i'm in on your yahoo! group, blake – and i'll save you a spot on our "churchwide" league on cnnsi when they kick off. if i remember correctly, both of them might been similar in their setup when i checked out yahoo last year. we'll see – not soon enough!

  6. Blake

    I think I'll be able to join up with your other group. I don't want to over-extend myself. I was in 4 leagues last year, but will probably drop one.

    I'll let you and Steve know when I set the league up. It will be next month when Yahoo! starts registration for it. Jeremy usually plays as well…at least until he gets kicked around for a few weeks then he checks out.

  7. yafreax

    no no no… the first year i played all season, and if you remember correctly, i bet you quite handedly in one of our leagues (which i finished 2nd) and i did decent in our other league… but yeah, last year i got uninterested cause of other stuff going on… but have no fear, this is the chargers year.

  8. Blake

    Was it the YS league you beat me in? Maybe so.

  9. yafreax

    yah, the YS one on sandbox that still sends me spam.

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