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Feast Number Thirty Two

Feast Thirty-Two

Appetizer – What is one quality you really admire about yourself?
That I’m pretty easy going. Sometimes that can be a downfall as well though.

Soup – What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?
Whatever is in the shower. Maybe I should go pick out some for myself. But usually it’s whatever The Wife has put in there.

Salad – Describe your favorite movie scene. You know, the one that just gets to you every time you watch it.
This is really lame, but it’s at the end of Homeward Bound. When the cat Sassy and dog Chance finally make it home to their kids. Hope and Jamie, the boy and girl who belong to those two animals are so very happy. But Peter, their older brother is looking for Shadow, the older golden retriever. But he just doesn’t come over the small hill. Chance and Sassy had left Shadow in a huge mud pit over by the train tracks because Shadow couldn’t get out. Chance tried and tried, but Shadow told Chance to leave him…get back to the family. They reluctantly did..

Peter becomes really discouraged. “He was just too old!” he says with disdain. His dad tries to comfort him with a side hug. “He was just to old…” Peter says through watery eyes.

Then you hear it. A muffled bark. A glace over the shoulder by see a glimmer of hope. His mom gives an “Aw shucks” look at the pain she knows her boy is going through. Then we hear it again. That IS a bark. Look! There he is! Here comes Shadow limping up the hill, not doing so well, but with a doggy smile accross his old face. “SHADOW!!!” Peter screams and rushes to him. “Peter, my boy! I’ve missed you so much, Peter. I love you so much!” Shadow keeps saying over and over.

Man…it get’s me evertime. Tears flow.

Main Course – If you were a veggie, which one would you be, and why?

Dessert – If you could take a weekend trip within 100 miles of your current residence, where would you like to go?
No stinking clue.


  1. kevin

    Appetizer: I let stuff fall off. I can be passionate in the moment, but I don't hold a grudge. Usually. 🙂

    Soup: Suave for men

    Salad: Sorry, I don't work this way. There's no one scene that stands out above the rest. It depends on so much more than the movie, itself.

    Main Course: A cucumber. Why? I am not a pickle.

    Dessert: This week, it would be the pacific coast.

  2. Blake

    Left out the Veggie comment. Probably a potatoe.

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