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Five Years Ago Today…

This weekend is the Gum Tree Art Festival in Tupelo. There is lots of good (but expensive) art on display, some decent entertainment, and the state’s largest 10K Race. Neither The Wife or I are running in it this year, though we’ve both done it a few times, she more than I.

But our most memorable time to run the race was five years ago. We ran w/ a group of friends. It was funny that she was the first out of all of us to finish and I was the last (I won’t share my time). But later that afternoon we met up with our friends (who were our groomsmen and one of the bridesmaids) at a church in Tupelo to be united in marriage. Five years. Wow. In that time we’ve had a baby, bought a house, gotten pregnant again, and made tons of memories. If we’re honest, not every day has been a cake walk. But each day has been a step along the journey we’re travelling together.

Five years…looking forward to many more!

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  1. Rob

    Wow, a lot's happened in five years. I thought about the Gum Tree Run, the wedding, etc., as well this morning. Fun day! It was also nice beating you, ha.

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