I think bluetooth is a great innovation. But while it does create lots of opportunity for information transfer, it also creates some pretty dorky looking people.

Now I understand the usefulness of a bluetooth headset for your cellphone. When we chartered a bus to Colorado for a ski trip. The bus driver had one in his ear and he could answer his phone w/ a single button click and talk hands free w/ no worries at all. And some people might work at a desk or have some job that involves their hands enough that such a headset is useful. And MAYBE you could even walk around the mall w/ one IF you were talking on it (that’s a stiff maybe).

But what’s with the people just walking around w/ the thing in their ear w/o a current need for it. Are you expecting a very important call that necessitates the ear piece? Or the people who are sitting in a restaurant scarfing down a burrito supreme with the little thing sticking out of their head. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to look cool or inconspicuous or what.

I’ve learned to never say never. But if I do ever use one, it will be where I pull it out of my pocket to use it, not just stick it in my ear hoping for the random call so I can walk around and look like I’m talking to myself.