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The Verge Conference: Getting Here

Well we made it to Austin last night for The Verge. Remember when I posted about it a few months ago? Well I won a free ticket!  And now my first day is done. And I don’t know how to effectively get things out of my head in a way that will make perfect sense. I guess I could wait until we’re back and take a day to sit and process it all, or I can do a brain dump and then go back through it later to polish things up. So here are a few observations:

From the 700+ drive here:

  • My sixth month old was a freaking champ during the ride. He didn’t get that upset much.
  • When he did get upset he really let us know.
  • Shreveport, LA is bigger than I remember.
  • Driving across LA and TX into the setting sun is horrible w/o sunglasses.
  • In Texas there are two lane rural roads where the speed limit is 70mph. I shudder to think of people living alongside that road having to pull out of their driveways into 70mph traffic.
  • So that means on some Texas interstates the speed limit is 75mph.
  • I like the Texas custom of people moving over into a wide shoulder so I can pass on the left.
  • After the sun went down and I wasn’t looking into the sun the drive was much more pleasant.
  • Driving through Waco I saw a lot of nice looking buildings next to the interstate. That was Baylor University. Looked nice during the drive by.

My impression of Austin so far:

  • I came to the first two Passion conference in the late 90’s. But I remember nothing of Austin except for going to REI once with some friends.
  • Austin is a big city with lots going on. I don’t know how much of the city I’ll get to see, but I hope to take as much in as possible.
  • More tattoo’s in Austin than in Oxford.
  • Lots of construction going on downtown in Austin.
  • I think I like this place.
  • I’m hoping to see the famous Austin bats. I am close to the bridge.
  • But the free wifi at the hotel isn’t the best.

And the Pre-Conference Labs:

  • I went to the Missional Community pre-lab today at St. Davids.
  • It was informative and the speakers were approachable
  • I’ll give a few bullet points of each breakout in the next post.


  1. canudigit

    Soooooooo, they don't sell sunglasses in LA or TX?

    • Blake

      Good question.It didn't start to get really bothersome until the stretch on the two lane highway. There were no good options for sunglasses along TX 31 that I recognized. But as soon as it went bow the horizon my whole world changed.

  2. canudigit

    That’s when you wear the wife’s sunglasses and hope you don’t see anyone you know. 🙂

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