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GMail — Is it cool?

I’d heard about GMail, but wondered if it was an April Fool’s joke. But it’s real. Now I’ve gotten one (thanks to Rick) but really need to start using it more. It seems to be highly desired and wanted, but I need someone to really tell me why GMail is the coolest thing since instant messaging.


  1. kevin

    Why is it the coolest thing since IM? It's not! 😛

    It's not really anything all that special, unless you happen to be looking for a generic webmail account with good storage limits and unobtrusive advertising. In that case, it's the best option to date.

  2. James

    I agree with Kevin. I have a Gmail account too. I do like the "Label" feature. You should check that out. Pretty innovative to a degree.

  3. Blake

    Well, I've not used it much at all yet. Does it have a good spam feature? I hate spam, and spam seems to hate me.

    I'm going to change the email address here for the blog to gmail to see how it goes.

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