Like I was saying....

God forbid…

I know you never say never and get all cocky about it…but after watching a special on ABC tonight about the surviving kids of the Branch Davidian Compound it blows my mind. How gullible did this people have to be to follow David Koresh? How wacked in the mind were they when they let him marry their pre-teen daughters and have sex with them? How insane were they to spank their kids to the point of drawing blood because he told them too? And they pumped their kids full of crap that anyone who wasn’t in the compound was evil and there’d be a big fight and a fire and a stairway to heaven and all that.

He was a charismatic leader. I gotta give him that. But he had some stupid followers, if you ask me. And the Heaven’s Gate people too. And the Kool-Aid drinking people too. Are people really that hungry to believe in something. Does all it take is someone filled with self confidence and passion and a strong personality?


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  1. giddy

    There are many kinds of people whose minds I can't and don't want to understand. A truly weak person can be easily led by a much stronger one, but it seems even the weak would have their limits. It is said that people rarely allow anyone to treat them any worse than they would treat themselves, but one's CHILDREN…?!!!

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