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Gum Tree Run 10k 2010

Finally got the video edited, rendered, and uploaded for the Gum Tree Run last weekend.

Blake Runs The Gum Tree 10K Run – May 8, 2010 from Blake Thompson on Vimeo.

I once again carried my little camera with me to record the Gum Tree 10k Run in Tupelo, Mississippi. It was also my 11th anniversary. My wife and I ran it on the morning of our wedding day back in 1999.

I still have a bit of video from the Double Decker Run I need to get edited down as well.


  1. Will

    Good stuff, Blake. I had forgotten you and Bev ran on your wedding day. Hopefully I can join yall next year.

  2. Steve Isaacs

    very cool video..i need one of those cameras..

  3. Stephen Haggerty

    Like it a lot, Blake! That’s awesome that you and your wife run together (and that you ran on your wedding- crazy!).  Loved the soundtrack as well, nice going.

    • StateDOG

      Well, I don’t know if I’d call it “running together” as much as “running in the same race”. She usually places in her age group and I usually think, “I should have trained a bit more!”.
      But I look forward to seeing your video of your next race!

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