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Halo 2

Well, I must admit that I am a Halo lover. Not a Halo geek or addic or anything. But I can dig a good Halo game. I bought it off of ebay this summer. Played it a while, then started playing multiplayer games with guys from the church. I’d beat them. Then they went and bought it and now they beat me. But it’s good fun.

Halo 2 came out this week. I didn’t buy it at 12:01 like some freaks. I didn’t rearrange my daily schedule to go buy it like many people did. But I did manage to grab a copy at Walmart the day after it released (and I LAUGH at you, techno geek from GameStop who told me that if I didn’t preorder from your store I’d have to wait until March to hope to get a copy.

It’s good again. More weapons. More maps. More vehicles. More everything. Yes, there is a little cussing in the Single Player Campaign mode. But nothing you don’t here on an average episode of Seinfeld. But there’s none of that in the Multi-Player mode. No salty Marines there to wag their tongues. And the killing is either on Aliens or semi-robot dudes. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think playing Halo is going to turn a person into a killer. At least not anymore than me playing FIFA Soccer is going to make me able to try out for the US National Team next year. But, I will say that if I ever have a lot of battle armor on and I see a bunch of aliens running down my street, and I happen to have my plasma rifle handy, I might try to take out a few.

I read where Halo 2 will make more money in its first week of release than any movie ever has (including Spiderman, LOTR, Harry Potter, any of them). That’s insane..especially seeing as it has a M rating (which should be a T rating.)


  1. Lyle


    You waited until the next day to buy it just so you could tell everyone that you didn't buy it the day it was released. There's a fine line between pathetic geek and semi-geek. You played your cards right, my friend.

    Also, if David Cutcliffe was crossing my street and I had on some body armor and a plasma rifle, I would shoot him in the knees and then repeatedly kick him in the groin so he could feel one ounce of the pain he has brought me over the past 6 years.

  2. The Wife

    okay, I finally have to speak out. For as long as The Husband has been blogging, I have just quietly sat and read without posting. The computer is The Husbands thing. I just check the bank statement on-line every now and then.

    After a good laugh from reading Halo 2, I can't resist commenting. No, The Husband, did not go to Walmart at 12:01 only because he respected my wishes. I do have a great husband. But if he were single he would have been at Walmart the minute it was released. I on the other hand think all video games are from satan.

    Now moving on to the techno geek from GameStop who told The Husband that he needed to preorder this game. That ended up being a source of conflict and arguement for the rest of the night after we left the mall. The Husband thought he MUST preorder this game.

    Well we have the game at our house and I can only imagine what our daughter is doing while I am at work and The Husband is absorbed in this game. I watched him as he played it the other night. His whole body was consumed. It was like the game had taken over his mind and had him physically body washed. Every part of him responded to the screen. I even dared to try to ask him a question. NOTHING! He did not even hear me. So, I will from now on sit at work hoping that my daughter is not in deep need while The Husband is killing Aliens or semi-robot dudes.

    Just had to speak out
    Ms. Statedog (The Wife)

  3. Lyle

    The Wife,
    A few years ago Blake and I played one of the first versions of NCAA football on PS2 out at Camp. The Kid was in the same room with us and she ate 3 thumbtacks, burned her hand on a hot stove, stuck a wasp in her mouth, rolled around in poison oak, and wrestled an alligator all before the first half was over and Blake never even looked over there. And he still lost.

  4. Blake

    For the record, I did hear The Wife's question. Just didn't want to answer.

    And I won that football game.

  5. Lyle

    Yeah, you might have won that football game. But as long as I was lying about The Kid wrestling an alligator I might as well lie about the outcome of the game.


  6. Russ

    Someone left some profanity on your blog man. That's messed up.
    Just get the wife addicted to a game. I got the fiance hooked on Tony Hawk, so now she plays just as much as I do.

  7. Blake

    I tried to get The Wife to play NCAA Football a few times. But it was too many buttons to keep up with for her. I need a little better "intro game" if you know what I mean.

    The profanity was taken care of. But it's an ongoing problem….stinking spam.

  8. jeremy

    1st of all, the wife needs to have her own blog… That stuff was almost as funny as Lyle's blog.

    My wife loves the hack and slash games like Gauntlet, Dark Alliance-Baulder's Gate, and stuff like that. Any time she can just repeatedly hit the A button with maybe a B or X thrown in there… as long as the triggers don't have to be used, she's good to go.

    Seriously, Wife… start a blog.

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