Like I was saying....

How does she know?

How does my dog know when I’m about to go to bed?

My dog used to stay in the back yard and just sit/lay there forever. Now she wanders off now and then. And will stay gone for long periods of time. I know I’m not being a good dog owner by letting her wander. I guess I’m just exhibiting wishful thinking that she’ll stick around. She fools me even by being good for a while, then starting to wander again. But I can call and call..and just about give up and go to bed..and she always shows up the last time I’m going to check on her.

Last night I was up late. I’d taped the Survivor Finale and the Reunion Show after it. Then I was on line a bit and then read some in bed….before it was all said and done, I was about to call it a night (or early morning) and checked for about the 18th time in the past 3 or 4 hours. I didn’t go out and call/clap/whistle like I usually do. I just cracked the door…gave a brief whistle…and here she came. Like she knew that was the last time of the night I was going to check and she’d have to spend the night outside.


  1. Jeremy

    she's a prophetess doggie

  2. giddy

    I just hope that, if she continues to wander away from home, she always returns unharmed. Also, she could end up in "doggie jail", and you'd have to pay her bail.

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