Like I was saying....

I'm a blog slacker

Yeah, Jeremy pointed out that I’d not posted since the middle of the week. I guess I should try to keep up with his whirlwind of entries over at his blog.

But since Wednesday this is what I’ve done.

*Gone to a high school football game. It was a good game. My team won. :woot: Saw lots of kids from the church. Our team may be good yet again.
*Got the finished product from the poster contest. Took them to a printer and got some nice posters made (except the colors are a little muted.
*Did a load of mailouts. Brochures for our ski trip to Copper Mountain over Spring Break and some fall calendars.
*Shoveled lots of dirt for a new bed we’re putting in along the back fence. We hope to put some “privacy shrubs” along there and some nice looking stuff too. Right now I have a nice looking raw spot on my thumb from the shovel. Sheesh…office work kills a man.
*Hurt my neck working out…with an exercise totally unrelated to the neck! Interesting…but the crick/catch is almost out of it by now.
*Watched The Two Towers finally. Great movie. Still blown away by the grandeur of the cinematography and all. Great story line as well. Waiting til December for the final chapter.
*Had my final fantasy football draft. To be honest, drafting is over half the fun…but looking forward to the rest of the season beating my cocky friends!
*Shoveled more dirt. Wore a glove this time.
*Set up the church for worship tomorrow. It’s not in my job description…but so what. Who else’d do it?
*Watched college football! Mississippi State spotted the Oregon Ducks 28 points in the first half. We looked like a sucky junior college team out there and they looked like they had an all pro offense. But we settled down, got our heads on straight and only lost by a touch down, 42-34 with a slim chance at the end. Season could turn out to be okay…I’m an eternal optimist with these guys. Will I ever learn?
*Now? Going to bed much later than I should be.


  1. rick

    got my copy of LOTR:TWO TOWERS, too. watch the 10-min feature on the next movie (2nd disc). it's going to be bigger

    peace from one of your cocky friends!

  2. Blake

    Hey, that's a good pun, Rick. It was unintended on my part, but funny.

    Yeah, I watched the 10min preview. The thing that surprised me was Elijah Wood saying that Return of the King was the best by far. Said it was better than the first two combined!

    I'm going to wait til Christmas and hope to get the Platinum Series Extended DVD Version of The Two Towers. Did you watch the preview for that version? I have that version of Fellowship of the Ring and it's awesome.

  3. jeremy

    now the FDA and government is in on the spamming! Holy crap, it's like Big Brother only kinda opposite and totally different

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