Like I was saying....

I'm a slacker…

For the very few of you who actually check in to see if I’ve rambled on about something…sorry about the distance between updates. I was in and out of town this weekend, then out of town Tuesday, and then just trying to catch my breath otherwise. Sleep has been another issue. I started reading some fiction books and they make me numb to sleepiness until well into the morning. But it will hit me like a rock when the alarm goes off. But it’s a Mississippi writer, Greg Iles.

Heard some great things about his books, so I dove into one. Good, quick reading. The one I read, Sleep No More, dealt with some far out principles. Thinking of starting another. But it’s really cool to see places not only mentioned but focal points in the story that I’m familiar with. I went to the library and the lady there said there was another Mississippi writer by the name of Burke that I might like too. I’ll check him out some day.

Fiction can grip me and carry me along. I’ll go through a few weeks where I’ll chew up a few books. Then I’ll not read one for a few months. I love to read. Used to read all the time. But now I don’t make the time for it like I should.


  1. Steve

    so, what were the "far out principiles"?

  2. giddy

    One question, one comment. Principles of what sort? You might consider catching up on some sleep before starting another book; make sure the title of your next read is nothing similar to "Sleep No More".

  3. jeremy

    hey, cool…. i just saw trapped 2 weeks ago… didnt realize it was him until browsing through his site.

  4. Blake

    What sort of principles? Maybe principles was not the best word. But anyway, basically it was about soul transfer. Though I don't know if "soul" is the best word either. Basically, the book is about a guy who thinks he begins to see an old college flame (who's been dead 10 years) in the body of someone else. He's not sure one way or the other. Then he sees the possibility of that "soul/ghost/whatever" transfering into another body. It was a little far out, but you always doubted if it was real or just his imagination or a scam. Good writing though. People have told me that all his other books are more "straigh forward". I've seen good reviews everywhere I've looked. I'll read more.

    Yeah, I actually saw Trapped too. Pretty good DVD. A friend told me that book is very, very good. It is called 24 Hours, but when the movie was about to be released the TV show 24 was pretty big, so they changed the name to avoid confusion.

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