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Innovate08 :: I hope to be there

Last year a friend went to a conference in Granger, Indiana. Yeah, Granger. Never heard of it?

Anyhow, It was called Innovate and was at Granger Community Church. I’d kept up with the church for a little while because I read the blogs of some of the staff members. It’s a great church. Very creative. Very missional. And making a big impact on their communities.

Last night I came across it again. Innovate08. I knew it was coming soon. But it had slipped my mind. And if I was to go to a conference I’d like for it to have something specifically related to my area of ministry. But when looking at Tim’s blog he mentioned how it’s possible to grab lunch w/ key staff members to pique their minds about things, and when I saw that there was a BreakOut session specifically about Small Groups…I began to really think about it.

Turns out that there’s already a group of people I know from The Orchard in Tupelo heading up there! How crazy is that? So, I’m looking through details, but I’m really hoping to make it!

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  1. lwasik

    I hope you can make it! It is really going to be a great conference this year!

    The breakouts will be helpful as always. I’m glad you brought up the Casual Q&A’ [those are the times where you can sit down with Granger leaders and asked questions either during a breakout session or during lunch.] It will offer a whole new level of practical learning for your church.

    If you have any questions or need anything, you can email me at!

    We hope to see you there! 🙂

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