Like I was saying....

It is time….

I’m nervous about it. It’s a big step. But a step that I’ll have to make on two fronts. is starting to get too busy to be hosted on it’s current server. I love the hosting company and their prices and their features. But I think I need more than they can offer. So I’m going to have to bump up to a Virtual Private Server. That costs more money.

Plus, I need more money. Seems expenses are starting to get close or exceed income. I know some of it is need of us tweaking our budget, but I need to take advantage of the potential that this site has for bringing in a little extra cash. So I’m going to attempt to put ads on MST.

This week I will switch to a new host, try to get the board upgraded to the latest software, and get ads placed on it. Then I’ll try to get it reskinned to look pretty much like it does right now.

Then we’ll see if I can find advertisers….


  1. rick

    looks great with the new skin, blake!

  2. Blake

    I’m still not set on the new skin completely. Still playing around w/ it. But we’ll see.

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